Onyx Countertop Slabs in Connecticut

Onyx Stone

Onyx is a fascinating semi-precious stone belonging to the minerals’ chalcedony family. It is characterized by its fine texture and the parallel bands of color that run through it, generally in shades of black and white, although there are varieties with red, brown, and green layers as well.

Historically, onyx has held significance in numerous cultures and is often associated with protection and strength. The Romans, for example, crafted cameos from onyx with remarkable skill, taking advantage of its layered colors to create striking high-contrast images.

Aside from its decorative uses, onyx is also believed to harbor metaphysical properties. Some people think that onyx has the power to release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief and that it helps to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Onyx is also thought to enhance steadfastness and determination, helping people to overcome challenges and persevere in their endeavors.

In astrology, onyx is linked to the zodiac sign of Leo and is said to bring balance to the mind and body of those born under this sign by grounding their energy and providing a sense of stability.

Today, onyx remains a popular choice for jewelry and ornamental objects. Its enduring beauty and depth of color make it a staple in decorative arts and a favorite among gemstone enthusiasts.

Pink Onyx Marble Slab NIN
Light Pink Onyx
Light Pink Onyx Translucent Backlit