Granite Countertop Slabs in connecticut

Granite is not just a building material like any other. Formed millions of years ago in the depths of the continental plates, granite is only pushed by the unfolding of mountains on the earth’s surfaces. Granite is formed from molten rock that cools in the depths of the tectonic plates of the continents at high pressure. Under high pressure, mix different types of materials such as quartz and granite. Not only is it one of the hardest materials but also a natural product. Granite is an igneous rock that occurs in a variety of colors and textures. Major mining areas are located in Scandinavia, Brazil, India, Spain, and Italy. Granite is considered the toughest, most stable, and resistant variety of all-natural materials. It is: • acid-resistant • heat resistant • water-resistant • scratch-resistant • easy • hygienic

Granite Slabs